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Full disclosure: This picture was three years and 30 lbs ago. But my best friend said to go for it, so hey, that's all the permission I need. Thanks, Eden!

Me: I'm a girl who started with:
A book and a pair of skates,
a book and a curling iron,
a book and pompoms,
a book and textbooks,
a book and kitties,
a book and a camera,
and a book and a boy.
Now I'm a girl with full bookshelves, a few ideas, and the best hubby who agrees... it's time I gave this writing thing a try.

JP: My hubby is my Clark Kent. He held my hand when I got terribly sick while we were dating. Now he holds my hand full-time. He wards off danger (i.e. keeps me in check), which at times requires superpowers. He also cheers me on and brings me mochas. And he's adorable in dark-rimmed glasses. I started calling him CK here, but I can't make it stick. He's my JP.

Kitties: BJ Honeycutt and Lil Tatum. They love their mommy, she who fills the food dish.

Location: Arizona & Washington.