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Deborah Swift

Hi there - good luck with the Ole Master Plan. Over here from SheWrites, I can relate to every surface being covered in books - I too have no discipline as far as books are concerned. Be warned, once you have finished your book you'll be able to justify them all by saying, "see I'm novelist and a novelist must have books - they are my research!"

Helen Smith

Hello, I have visited your blog before, as you know - but I'm popping back to say hello via the She Writes blog ball, and to wish you a great weekend.

RL Johnson

Hello! I am visiting from the She Writes blogger ball. You have a beautiful site here. I hope you enjoy the ball!

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

Hi, I'm visiting from SheWrites Blogger Ball. I love your gelato photo and definitely relate to troubles instituting a master plan. Good luck with it!

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