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I too was very young when Princess Di and I forget his name, got married. I had a hard time understanding how a pretty girl like her could marry such an ugly man. But like you, I was enthralled by her beautiful dress, train and all. Fast forward I don't know how many years, and I don't even know when the next royal wedding is. But I love your enthusiasm, which has made me just a little curious to google pictures of the protagonists! :) I like the energy in this post!


While I do share in your nostalgia, I do like the idea of sitting up a 1 a.m. eating buttered popcorn. Sigh. Curse the distance between us.


It's hard not to have the fever.. I say, embrace your inner Cinderella and enjoy the magic of the moment. I remember the first wedding, wonderful. Later, after my own marriage, I lived in the UK. Princess Di was alive at the time she had it tough. There wasn't a day she wasn't on the cover of one of the hundreds of newspapers they have...I confess to having a princess crush then, still do. She wasn't perfect - which is her appeal, she was human, but something about her. She's up there with Jackie O, Princes Grace, Liz Taylor... Scarlett.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Good luck staying up.


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