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Go look at a calendar. I believe you'll find that today is Monday. Also known as "all stress comes home to roost day".
Hang in there!


In my experience, boys are pretty forgiving when they see that you made an effort in the way of food. Heels with the apron don't hurt either.

Sorry you are having that kind of day.

(For the record, my "I'm sorry about something, even possibly something that was not my fault" dinner is usually one of three things:

Steak, potatoes and good beer. Vegetable optional.


Yummy loaf of bread, meat and cheese, other assorted things he might like - olives, etc - and I bottle of wine.

Good take out, tequila and limes. :)

Kelly Hashway

Thanks for stopping by my blog Lori. It's nice to meet you. :)

Cyn Bagley

Hi there,
When I was on 100-80 mg. of prednisone, I would cry and swear every day at 6 p.m. It turned out that I have all the side-effects especially the mental ones - paranoia, hallucinations, etc. So when they weaned me down to about 40 mg. I started to come back. My personality had been submerged in the meds.

Now I still have to take pred (about 5 mg) but I don't have the whispers and the shouts that I used to hear in my head.

Hope you get better.

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