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Kelly Hashway

I don't think I can help with the blog platform. My blog is attached to my website. It makes it easier for me and my readers to find me all in one place. I don't know if you want to have a website, too though.

Writer's block, huh? Sorry to hear that. Try doing something you enjoy. It may spark some creativity.


Lori- I own my domain but use a wordpress template as my platform. I love wordpress BUT it is not without faults. Open source code is great, but since it's free it's not fully documented, thus there is a trial and error as you go. I prefer WP over all the other (but that is mean). Writer's block. I write every day with a virtual group to a random prompt, for instance, yesterday's prompt was 'family' - it doesn't mean you have to write about family, the point is you have to write something and exchange with a partner. There are all sorts of prompt books on Amazon, which might break the curse. I use music lyrics and lines from books when I am looking for inspiration. Also, try the 'The Artist's Way', it's a great guide for freeing your inner artist. Best,


I totally commented on this. The interwebs ate it.

On platforms, I love Wordpress so far. You have to watch it on badges that use javascript (I believe there may be a workaround, but I haven't figured it out yet) there are a nice variety of templates, even more if you are willing to pay, and I really like that stats panel.

Agree with Kelly. You need some YOU time and the spark will return. Don't worry...it will come soon enough.

And if not, tell Jason to put you on a place to Florida and come hang out in the hammock. :)

Girl Parker

Kelly -- You are very insightful. How did you know I was just totally burned out? Too many obligations, no time to write. Down with day jobs! I appreciate your suggestion - right on target.

Brenda -- Great idea! I haven't tried any writing prompts for a while. Definitely will look up the artistic guide. Thank you for taking the time to give me these suggestions. Very kind!

Amber -- Alaska/Continental airlines and STEP ON IT.

Angi Hansen

Glad you got some blog advice 'cause I got nothin'.
Re: Writer's block:
I second the motion for THE ARTIST'S WAY (Julia Cameron).
Take the lid off the pressure cooker.
Do what you can and enjoy yourself.
Writing is a good time, right?
Play with it, sistah.
I didn't write a thing for two weeks and that was just what I needed to start having fun again.

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