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Love AND HUGS to one of the bestest roommates in the history of people sharing living space.


Ah Shoot. Now I'm giggling and tearing up all at once.

Nine years ago I was:
1) In love with a series of wrong guys.
2) Able to run a 5K
3) Learning that some of the best roommate conversations happen while sharing a one bathroom apartment.

Girl Parker

OHHH the bathroom/hallway convos!!! Too bad one of us didn't have the smarts to record any of those. We'd be rich. =)


So that's what friendship is all about! I love it! I wish I could write a blog post about girlfriends who held meaningful roles in my life. But alas, such is not the case. Being popular doesn't necessarily mean having good girlfriends. Sometimes it just means having a lot of meaningless friends. Sigh. I'm teary eyed thinking I've never had someone who's gone door to door with me asking for lilacs! :) Love, love the lonely toothbrush shot. You crack me up, lady!

Girl Parker

Bella -- I'm here to tell you girlfriends can be found and nurtured at any time in life, so there's no way you're done, sista!! Cut off the dead weight and spend time and energy only on the good ones... the girls who make you laugh at them and yourself. When you feel relaxed, unjudged, and can say anything, Bingo! PS: HUGS!!

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