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Curse you Girl Parker. I was doing fine with my butternut squash soup lunch... till I read this.


I thought Kettle Chips were from Oregon? This changes everything! I'm so distraught I think I'll eat a bag or two.

I think the first time I checked out your blog I was at work and was peeking at it under cover. Big brother is always watching. Seriously, we have to put up signs when we go on break, to lunch, to a meeting, etc. Now I can read and I figured out the following thing for Word Pad.

I've been neglecting my blog. I need to get back at it.
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Kelly Hashway

I love Kettle Chips! They're the best.

Girl Parker

Kelly -- Aren't they the Devil?!

Jen -- HOWDY!! Great to see ya. I swear, I hate Big Brother at work. I'm spoiled now working at home. I don't know if I can ever go back to nosy workmates checking what's on my screen. As for following, I need to double check this, but I think you can sign up for a free typepad account, which then allows for following. Eden just uses google reader. I just check my fav blogs as part of my a.m. routine. Part of why I can't work in an office, but then work past 5. Sigh... =)


Kettle chips are my downfall! They're so thick and delicious! OMG, there's no just popping one in your mouth! That's why I stay away from them at all costs! Grief.

Girl Parker

Bella, I wrote that haiku while trying desperately to ignore the last handful at the bottom of the bag. But they called to me with their sweet siren song, all the way from the kitchen. And Poof, they were gone. Blast!

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