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The fact that I can TOTALLY see Jason singing while he fries up chicken in the morning made me laugh heartily.

Angi Hansen

You remind me of a few summers ago. Stocked fridge and freezer, ninety degees, out-of-town guests arriving at dusk. Refrigerator goes kaput. Ahhh.


Girl, consider yourself lucky that it's JP frying the chicken and not you! Is there anything worse that frying chicken? :) Thank goodness for chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken soup, and the rest of the 100 ways to make chicken! Black coffee? Hard core! I like it! hee hee! :)

Girl Parker

Angi!! That's horrifying... and with company too? I'd have fainted dead away. Then ordered out for Thai food.

Bella & Amber-- Isn't it funny? I hate morning and have to edge into them gingerly and carefully. Orange chicken at 8:30 just Can't happen. But JP happily fried, marinated, and SANG. Morning people don't realize how close they come to be killed by night people.


Gaw! Frying food smells in the AM is my description of the kind of torture the Geneva Convention outlaws.

Girl Parker

The Geneva Convention.... hahhahahahhaaahhhaaa!!!!!

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