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Kelly Hashway

Very interesting! I loved Mary Poppins when I was a kid.


Lori, I had no idea that Conan wanted to tap dance! It makes me smile just thinking about it! hee hee! I watched the video clip and wow, can those performers tap or what! When we were children, my sister told my mom she wanted to learn to tap dance. My mother replied by telling her, "When I was a girl, I wanted to fly. And no, that didn't happen either." Moms can be cruel, can't they? :)

Girl Parker

Kelly -- You know, I didn't! Isn't that crazy? I don't think I saw more than 15 minutes of it before I got married. When flipping channels one night, we passed it and, to my amazement, JP started singing along. What the? Since then, we've seen it three times. His rendition still cracks me up.

Bella -- I'm a pretty new Conan fan, but oh man, he kills me. I'd sell my soul to see him REALLY put on a pair of taps. I'm burning up the youtube waves in my search. Your mom is hilarious!!!!! Dying laughing.

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