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I think this may be the beginning of your first blog inspired contest. Who can make the best vasculitis poster?

I want a poster that makes me wish I had it.

I mean, those syphilis posters have it all. I'm throwin' dice, hangin' out at a block party of millions. Awesomesauce.

Cyn Bagley

Geez, the reason The Vasculitis Foundation changed their motto (something about finding a cure) is that Susan G. Komen breast cancer group tried to sue them. I am still really really unhappy with the new motto.

Cyn Know? no? It was chosen at a contest.

Angi Hansen

I found the poster very depressing. It left me feeling hopeless and unmotivated. UGH!

Glad you have something pink, plus two cats and a fabulous husband to comfort you (amongst other things).

Girl Parker

Amber - I'm tell you, the Syphilis artists were ahead of their time!! It was actually hard to choose which to include.

Cyn and Angi -- No joke. Isn't it the worst?!! It actually won a contest? Horrifying.


It's daunting. It's difficult to feel joyful after seeing this.. I assume it won because it had the desired result? Not sure..

Elizabeth Young

I am so with you girl! The worst poster I've ever seen was a poster with a squirrel on (this was in a school in front of a library.) The writing said: "Why are squirrel's and Psychiatrist's the same? Because they both collect nuts." I complained to the teacher I was working with and asked her to speak to the school, but nothing ever came of it. As someone with bipolar disorder I found that poster extremely offensive.

Girl Parker

Brenda -- Right? How can this be any sort of winner? Were they going for "no one laughs when they see it"? If that's the case, then job well done.

Elizabeth -- NO!!! That poster is simply terrible. I'm glad you talked to your teacher, which I'm sure wasn't easy. Good for you!

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