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I'm trying very hard to convince myself that I prefer the street corner brauts and the third level seats...


I thought we were hot stuff when we sat in the swivel chairs way up high, with TV and free beer and snacks (remember that?).

This puts that to shame!

Kelly Hashway

I've sat in seats like this twice in my life. Neither time did I pay for the ticket. They were given to me by someone who had box seats. My daughter's first ever baseball game was in seats like these. She had a blast. I just hope she didn't get too used to it because when we go again this summer, we're getting the usual cheap seats.


You're going to be spoiled now. Those snaps are wonderful, you're up close and personal. I remember seeing a Basketball game with someone who was someone.. he was a pain, but those seats..

Beverly Diehl

Baseball rocks! There is definitely a beauty and poetry to baseball - even in the cheap seats.

You can keep the tall millionaires in short pants, I'll take a man who knows how to swing a bat.

Daniel Genser

I remember those Braves well. Unfortunately they ran into a stout Twin named Puckett in the World Series. Pendleton had quite a year that year, though, remember? And that pitching staff! Glavine, Smoltz, Avery… was Maddox there yet?

Girl Parker

Eden & Amber -- Oh, you know there's no living with me now! Spoiled for life! I'm just sure the batters could benefit from my vast wealth of advice. Ha!

Kelly & Brenda -- So true, going back to "my" level might be hard, but once the game is going, so fun!! Kelly, I'm sure your little girl will have a wonderful time. Heck yes, the date may stink, but live sports rock on!!

Beverly -- AMEN.

Daniel -- Do I remember? I hated Puckett for a year. Braves vs Giants was my first live game, in San Fran that year. And the first player I saw with my own eyes was Terry Pendleton. I about fainted. And there was Lemke and Blauser... Steve Avery pitched. I screamed my lungs out for the Braves, but the guys in front of me took it well. YES, Maddox was there. Do you remember the no-hitter Kent Merker pitched? Not sure when, but it was a beautiful thing.


two words
ahhh, the old days!!

Girl Parker

Michelle -- HHHAHHAHHA!!! Oh lord, those were good, good times. Thanks for stopping by! =)

Daniel Genser

By the way, you might like this writerly sports blog that was just started by a group of some of my favorite tech people: http://americanmccarver.com/

Girl Parker

Daniel -- I love the link! Thanks. Hey, is Zigflitz coming back, or are you moving on?

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