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I would like to take a moment to point out that all of those photos (save the Saguaros) could have easily been taken here in Florida.

Hint, hint.


"I miss sunburns" The late arriving summer must really being doing a job on your brain cells.

Not that I disagree. This whole cloudy and in the 60s weather is for the birds.

Carol Apple

You make Arizona sound wonderful - I'd love to go there. The closest I've been is Colorado (lived there from age 15 to 22). Compared to Virginia (where I live now), Colorado is a desert and compared to Colorado, southeastern Virginia is a swampy jungle. Amazing how the whole atmosphere and feeling of a place can be so distinct.

Girl Parker

Amber -- Haaa! Duly noted, minus the humidity. I heart you.

Eden -- It's three days till JULY. I'd scream in the cereal aisle at QFC, if I thought it would bring the sun back. I just cry...

Carol -- So true!! For the record, I was so homesick the first year in AZ, all I wanted was to come back to Seattle. The second year, the desert worked it's way under my skin. And who doesn't love a day at the pool? (in winter!) Thanks for stopping by!

Kelly Hashway

Great pictures! You're making me miss it, and I've never even been there.


Phoneix Misses you tons especially me. Keep in mind my car read 116 today.. and my pool feels like bath water.. and it is still the freakin Desert that is wanting you to leave cold, rainy and expensive Seattle to come back to where you belong... XOXO

Girl Parker

Kelly -- You would love it! Especially Tucson and the Sabino Canyon. In Phoenix, where we lived, you gotta see the Desert Botanical Gardens. It's so different from anywhere, you find yourself just staring.

Meg -- I Miss You Too!! Believe me. And FD is singing a siren song to my soul. Hugs x 10.


As mentioned above, Arizona misses you too. It may be the only place where, when the mercury rises over 100 degrees, you are working in your office and hear over the intercom, "Snow cones are being served in front of Building 2". By the way, it was delicious...

Girl Parker

AMY -- Hilarious!!! I love it and I can totally picture it. Miss you boat-loads. It's currently 71 degrees here and cloudy... I suspect our eyes can't adjust to anything bright now.

J jetlagged but back in Tucson since this morning

Wow--an ode to Phoenix in the summer! Just how grey is it up in Seattle right now?! I'm back--S. said that the day before was the hottest day of the year so far in Tucson--112. (She got back a few days before I did) After sleeping until two today, I ventured out for errands in the evening--it was 100 at sunset, so must've been 105 or 110 up in Phoenix...My last week in Korea was rainy--but not altogether unpleasant, almost a 'Costa-Rica'-style rain, since it was in the 70's...So, then. When are you guys coming back down here?! Our doors are always open...


Lori, this post is tinged with yearning and nostalgia and I love it. It's often that I've had to move from a place I've loved and thought of the things, places and events that have made it special. Memories are so powerful and I'm glad you seem to have such fond ones of Arizona!

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