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Nice Post! ;D Lovin' the new 'do! Tho, you look so intense in that last photo...

Elizabeth Young

I love it! You look like you've been set free girl! Glad it's working for you also, best wishes, Elizabeth.

Kelly Hashway

It looks great! I love it!


Joel is a wonder. You already know I love the new 'do. :)

Girl Parker

Elizabeth -- that's exactly how I felt! My stylist was so funny. He said, "This isn't my first rodeo. I've cut some ponytails." Then he pulled in back onto one hand and made the first big cut. It was Liberating!

Kelly & Amber -- Muchas gracias. I really appreciate it. And you know, it's not so much the cut as the fact that I didn't HAVE to do it. Ya know? Yay for meds not being too bad.

Loren -- hhahahhha! That's cuz I was trying to avoid a double chin!!


Lori, you look fantastic! And the new color is beautiful! There's nothing like a trip to the salon to make a girl feel brand new! Good for you! The rest of us sisters should follow your lead! :)


as you already know... Love the haircut. And the post about it is Delightful... lcve the comparision to the commitment of dating and marriage. May your union last forever.

J and S

S. just said "cute! looks nice and polished!"
Yes--we just got around to reading this entry--please don't think less of us...we DO think of you guys...

Debbi Houston

Ohhh! I love your new "do" and especially the color. I also have Wegener's and found your blog by "accident" on facebook. I will be watching for your blogs. It's comforting to hear from somebody else out there with a good attitude. Keep it up and my best wishes to you!

Girl Parker

DEBBI -- You're too kind. And I'll pass on your compliments to Joel, as it's time for a touchup. I'm SO sorry to hear you have WG, but you're the person I write this category for. When I was diagnosed, I felt alone and couldn't find anyone with it. Then I discovered the support group on Facebook. What a relief. And I just want to show others we can keep laughing. I hope you're doing well, Debbi.

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