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Kelly Hashway

That's just awesome! If I'm ever near Spokane, I'll definitely check out Boo Radley's and Atticus's.


Well now... I think a short love story about Moe and Tee is in order. "Fate brought them to the Radio Flyer, can their love survive the harsh reality of traditionally sized play equipment?"

Beverly Diehl

Thank you for blazing a writerly trail.

Amusing what catches a writer's eye in new territory, rather than say, a painter's or a musician's. Love the Harper Lee connection there.

Girl Parker

Kelly -- Isn't that the coolest?!! I was sorry that the hair salon between the two didn't follow the tradition. Something like "Calpurnia's Coiffs" would have made my day.

Beverly -- Aww... Thank you! My hubby isn't a book guy, so he didn't understand my enthusiasm, but he patiently waited in the rain while I took pics before we went to dinner. I was beaming, I'm sure.

Eden -- hhahhahahahhaaaa!!! You kill me.

Carol Apple

Thanks for sharing these gems from Spokane. I did not know about the Harper Lee connection, but that would make it interesting. Love the Atticus sign. That's the first place I will seek out if I ever get to go to there.


The picture of the Radio Flyer is incredibly cool! And the coffee house? How uber chic! I love it! In my book, it definitely tops the sky bridge! hee hee! Hey, what can I say? Coffee wins hands down over just about anything! :)

Girl Parker

Carol -- Isn't it great? I'd love to know if both places are owned by the same person. I'm definitely looking forward to stopping there again.

Bella -- That reminds me, been meaning to suggest you read "No One You Know," by Michelle Richmond. The main character is a coffee-buyer and travels to central america for that.... while hunting down her sister's killer. The coffee descriptions alone will amaze.

Shannon Lawrence

Hi, found you on She Writes. I'm heading to Washington next summer and I had no idea about this being in Spokane! I definitely need to stop by there. Fun, thanks for the pics!

Girl Parker

Hey Shannon! Thanks for stopping by. I highly recommend the Riverfront Park area. I looked up the park online today and clearly missed other fun features. I definitely didn't spend enough time there. Have a great trip!

J in Korea right now

Coolest wagon ever. Glad you found Spokane quaint; S's grandmother's family is from there...we were there but it wasn't in the green of summer, so we were less impressed, although I can see how the bridge b/w shopping and reading downtown speaks to your soul...I am still in Korea; a rainy night (typhoon leftovers) is keeping me in my room, which, thankfully, has free WIFI! I have one more full day here, then the day after tomorrow I fly back across the Pacific...It's been a very fun/meaningful/reflective/family-time/etc.-trip.

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