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Kelly Hashway

There's really a missing chapter? How did that happen? I hadn't heard anything about this.

Girl Parker

Kelly -- The author explains that it's actually the last chapter that she cut in the original edits, but then later agonized over. So they've published that final, final chapter as an ebook, answering any questions a reader might have over "what happened next?" In reading the novel, you're not left hanging, but you are, kinda... Abby's life is changed and now what will she do? That's where this chapter kicks in.


Lori, I haven't read "The Year of Fog" but isn't it nice to know that there's savvy people like you pointing us in the direction of something as important as a missing chapter? :) Girl, you are a gem! And I want an E-reader too! Kindle or Nook, preferrably iPad, but it doesn't matter. I just want one! Rant over. :)

Girl Parker

Bella -- I say we have a carwash and buy as many iPads as we can. Imagine the stats we'd get if we could give away those?! As for "Fog," it's a Read of a Read, let me tell you. It weaves the search with learning about memory and photography. Amazing!


Bella - you will love the ereader, I love mine, but I still buy regular books and haunt book stores... Lori- I haven't read either, and hadn't put on my list, but it sounds like one to add to my list. I did read one of you Alexander books you recommended, you were right, good stories. Thanks for that one..

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