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Kelly Hashway

Ooh, fun boots! Yes, why are coffee shops always so cold? I end up hugging my coffee and practically chugging it just to warm up. That's nice that you were able to pack up and go along for the trip.

Beverly Diehl

Those be some wild boots all right.

@GP, Kelly - they sell more coffee in COLD coffee shops where people want to warm up, than in hot stuffy ones. Which *is* what they're in business to do.


If your mom says no to the boots, I suggest you ask Tante! A Nook? You lucky girl, you! I've been exploring the possibility of acquiring one if I ever come into some money, because I feel it would be a cool thing to be seen with at the beach, for example. I mean, everyone brings their summer reading in book form to the beach, but how many women actually bring their Nooks or Kindles? I wonder just how detrimental to its longevity the sand will be....

Girl Parker

Kelly -- I know Beverly is correct, but I must admit I'm with you. If I'm so cold, I'm huddled over, I don't want to hang around the coffeeshop and get a second. I'm hightailing it outta there. All I know is, the AC worked just fine in that Starbucks. Ccccold.

Bella -- If it isnt in my Nook, it's in my contacts. Sand is the enemy! I gotta tell ya, I never really thought about an ereader, thems being pricey and fancy-like, but I'm looking fwd to taking it for a spin. As for the Boots, girl, if we mow lawns, maybe we can share. =)

Girl Parker

Beverly -- Don't those boots just ache for some roller-disco/boot-scootin-boogie? I'm tellin ya, they should be mass marketed. We could start a whole knew line of instructional skate videos!


Your kitties miss you. This morning Big Mittens asked me when you're coming home. I assured him that you'd be around to give him that affection that he so desperately needs. Though I'm happy to report that I caught Froy petting him several times over the last couple of days. Progress!

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