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Here is my take on the "bad and ugly". If you weren't doing ROW80, you may not have made yourself sit and get the "good" out. So, yay for progress! :)


First picture me standing on a soap box with a megaphone to my mouth.
"You Made Headway! That's What Counts!! Don't Beat Yourself Up ... Fur Cryin' Out Loud"

... dismounts box with a twirl.

Emma Madden

Don't dwell on the 'bad and ugly'. This is one week of many. And I never think reading a good book is a waste of time. Good luck for next week.

Julie Glover

I missed my Sunday check-in too. Monday works!

3 blog posts is excellent. Writing regularly keeps you fresh. You're making progress on your WIP nevertheless. Keep focused on the good; tweak the bad and the ugly. We're cheering you on!

Girl Parker

AMBER -- Oh so true. If I didn't set a goal you're oh so right. There's no doubt 'Parks & Recreation' reruns would have won out. =)

EDEN -- I'd pay serious dollars to see you dismount from your soapbox with a twirl. Wanna borrow a skating dress?! Thanks for the tough love.

EMMA -- There are SO many good books out there! I'm always torn between my "to read" pile (who thought lining those all out on Goodreads was a good idea?) and my "to write" folder. Thanks again for the encouragement.

JULIE -- Yay for the Monday girls!! Since I work online all week, man, it's hard to turn on the computer on Sunday. I agree that any progress is good, but yes, I'll be trying to "tweak" the bad. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Lauren Garafalo

Hey reading is just RESEARCH...or at least that's what I told myself when I downloaded a new book a few minutes ago!! Don't worry, they say you have to do something like 21 days in a row before you can form a habit. Research and habit forming - that sounds like a busy week! Good luck with this week!


Lori, rah rah! Consider me your personal cheerleader as you continue reaching your writing goals! Kudos to you! And like other commenters have mentioned, disregard the bad and applaud the good! :)

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