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My favorite part of this, aside from the fact that you are doing ROW80 with me, is the Starbucks sitting on the corkboard.

Also, I think that corkboard would look GREAT on the wall of the empty house up the street from me.

Just sayin'.

AmyBeth Inverness

I wanted to say I admire your tall, stately, marble column, but with several friends who write erotica, that could be taken entirely the wrong way.

I just joined #ROW80 yesterday, and I'm excited! I've been visiting various other blogs to see what kind of goals people have and offer what encouragement I might.

I found it interesting how you mentioned "Word Count Oriented" in reference to #ROW80... the last blog I visited said "Word counts are bad! They are evil! I will not measure my success by word count!"

My own count is word-count oriented, the equivalent of doing #1K1hr every day. But I'm counting blog posts and WIP and revising all towards the same goal, even though I'm going to label them separately.

Good luck with your own goals! I look forward to touring every Wednesday and Sunday and see how we're all doing!

Girl Parker

AMBER -- See, another selling point! I have only one blank wall here and need more of those super sticky do-dads to hang it.... in the spare room. Hmmm... For now it's on the floor and Lil Tates is sitting on it, licking her paw. So supportive!

AMYBETH -- hhhahahhaha!!! I'm cracking up. I have zero self-esteem and I definitely wouldn't have thought of that. I figure we gotta be aware of our word counts or we won't get anything accomplished. But I know if I'm not reasonable, I'll burn out. I'm awestruck by your 1K goal. Amazing!

Kelly Hashway

I notice coffee is one of your tools. Very good. Now start filling that cork board!

Girl Parker

Kelly -- Will Do! Now, what did I do with the my starbucks card?


Fantastic goal setting tool. Very proud of you for making some concrete steps toward your writing goals.

And as the Diana to your Anne Shirley, I got that the self esteem bit was just that... Girl Parker sarcasm.

I too was drawn to "Still Life with Iced Soy Latte". Attagirl !!! :-)


I am jealous of your organization. My mind is not that orderly nor is my writing. Now that you said it aloud and you have a support group you'll slip into the groove before you know it.. I dare say on behalf of your readers, reach out if you need supprt. Best .. and have fun, too.


Lori, you've got to love and organized woman with goals as well as one who drinks (is that iced coffe?) from Starbucks. You're my hero. I hope you'll write a future post where your cork board is up and running. In the meantime, it's great that you're on your way! Tell me JP said he was proud! :)

Girl Parker

EDEN -- You know lattes and mochas are part of chemical makeup. Nothing gets past my bestest friend!

BRENDA -- Oh, honey, I'm only Trying to get organized. JP would die laughing if anyone actually described me that way. But I'm trying, I really am.

BELLA -- God bless coffee. And god bless good friends who say nice things! =) I will definitely report back on my board, with pictures. And yes, JP is proud of me, and quite kindly hasn't pointed out that it's still on the floor, still in it's plastic. Good man!

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