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Love that shot. Tante thinks the photographer is a shady character.


I love he photo and the poem. That was sooo cute and fitting. Made me smile and wanna be a kid again. Love it, love it!

Kelly Hashway

Love the photo! That's just too cute and funny.

Beverly Diehl

Love the photo - and the haiku is cute, too.

Bad Girls. Gotta be one of THE worst movies every made, but if you go for the camp factor, it's entertaining enough. Imagine these two growing up to be bad girls.

Elizabeth Young

Love the picture, love the poem. They were made for each other! It would be nice to have the picture in one of those frames for two pictures side by side, with the poem in the other. If you did it in a shadow box you could add an antique children's gun holster or sherrif's badge etc. Too cute!!!


Lori, I enjoy all of your haikus, but this is my new favorite! I love it and omg, does this photo make it even more special! Look at your ma and tante! Now that's what I call empowered women! I feel like we should all print this photo and keep in where we can see it. I think it would remind us that women can be a force to be reckoned with!

Julie Flanders

Hi Lori!

I just discovered your blog, loved this poem and photo! Such a cute picture.

I'm so glad to have found your blog, I can relate to your goals as I am working on starting over and trying again as well. I'm looking forward to following along on your site!

Girl Parker

EDEN, TOTSY MAE, & KELLY -- Thank you, girls! I really got a giggle out of this one, especially picturing grandma telling them to smile when she snapped the picture. I love that Tante refused. ha!

BEVERLY -- I haven't seen that movie, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I love that my mom and aunt have become even better friends than when they were young.

ELIZABETH -- I have Zero artistic skill, but I can kinda picture what you're talking about. I bet my mom would be thrilled with something like that. If I manage something like that, I'll post a picture since it was your idea!

BELLA -- Thank you! I have that photo next to my desk. They both visited a few weeks ago and got a good laugh out of that. And yes, they are strong, independent women. =)

JULIE -- Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm sure you can relate - If I don't set a goal, I don't accomplish a thing. I gotta turn that around. I dropped by your blog and discovered you lost 30 lbs and are now questioning what else is possible... Lady, you're inspiring like crazy!

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