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I'm standing by with chest paddles.

And as for that photo: You were the Cutest Lil Redhead E-VER.

Girl Parker

EDEN -- If only I didn't have to pay Joel the big bucks for red hair now! Forget the paddles, let's go for some macaroons.

Angi Hansen

We've had dramarama around here, but even though I've been radio silence on the comments, I have been cheering you on. Do you think potential home buyers will notice floors that resemble Ruffles?


Love your pictures. I say dance in victory over your words. Word are words woman.

Girl Parker

BRENDA -- You're very sweet!

Girl Parker

ANGI -- Ahh, I never doubt your cheering, my friend. And Vice Versa. I keep waiting with baited breath for you on many fronts. Good news is coming, I'm sure of it!!!! As for the floors, ruffles as in lace? Or ruffles as in potato chips. I say YUM to the latter. =)


Lori, oh my gosh, were you cute! That hair! Too cute for words, perhaps that's what kept you from reaching the word count--too much cuteness! hee hee! Give yourself a break and exercise carpe diem tomorrow, that's what I say! :)

Girl Parker

BELLA -- hahhaha!! I just saw this comment. Quite ridiculous, but very sweet. Amen to the carpe diem.

Monica Bremer

You're so cute at age 2, and the cake is scrumptious! Whenever I see birthday parties, I cry because I remember when my kids had theirs and they look a lot like this. They are just growing up so fast!

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