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Ooo...I have a book J&S gave us you would appreciate. I'll scan some in when I have time and send your way :)

Kelly Hashway

Isn't it funny where research can take you? Interesting finds.


I'm pretty sure "Orchids on Your Budget" may have been written For Me!

Thanks for sharing some of your research gems with us.

Girl Parker

EDEN -- I was totally thinking of you! For those of you who don't know, her wedding theme was orchids. It was gorgeous!

AMBER -- Anticipation!

Kelly -- Isn't that so true? I had no idea what I might find, but didn't realize the "He's Just Not That Into You" writers were scooped about 70 years ago.

Elizabeth Young

I love anything antique so was very interested in your finds! It's always interesting to see how people lived in days gone by and what their norms were. A great post!


I loved this.. You have that special eye and always seem to stumble across the most interesting finds. I suspect you would be fun to shop with.. Yes? Bubbly on a Budget reminded me of the AbFab girls (not that they were ever on a budget)..

Girl Parker

ELIZABETH -- Exactly. So different, but essentially good advice on being happy with who you are. But the bed jackets item killed me!

BRENDA -- ha! I'm only good at shopping when not looking for me. If it's for me, waaay boring. Why is that? But this research find was a total fluke. I'm delighted. Must look up AbFab girls now. =)


Lori, my sister bought me a bed jacket when I got married. She called it a "breakfast coat." I loved it. It was a lacy, navy blue number that had a slimming effect and its sheerness made it damn sexy! I wore it till it was threadbare and when I finally had to trash it, I was devastated. Your post made me smile as I thouht about it and made me wish for another one. Interesting series you've chanced upon, friend. I love that you shared it with us! By the way, I never would've thought it was possible to see caviar and corned beef in the same sentence! :)

Girl Parker

BELLA -- Shutyermouth, you had a breakfast coat! And you summer in Spain... You're just too refined!! I love it. The only reason I noticed this series was because of the corned beef/caviar title. Talk about the odd couple. I hope someone in the editing room got major kudos for coming up with that.

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