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I was speaking with one lady in her 50s and she had on a pretty high heel. I mentioned that and she told me she'd be wearing heels until she was 100. Said her mother still did all the fixings with make-up and all, so I can see she would do the same thing. She looked good too!

Jennifer O. (@litendeavors)


I experience the opposite: my husband asks me why I never wear heels and why all my soles are rubber (think Aerosoles)even if heeled. Leather soles may be more sought after with people w regular feet, but I see them and I know I'll get shooting pain down the side of feet within 30 minutes.

Kelly Hashway

I opt for stylish yet comfortable. You can find both, though it's not easy!


I have a few pair in my closet that are "for sitting dates only". Since that just doesn't happen in real life they continue to gather dust. My red Ecco flats get more fresh air than all my high high heels combined.

Girl Parker

TOTSYMAE -- That lady sounds just like my Nana (great-grandmother). She wore 2" sandal heels and matched her purse every single day of her life, even if she wasn't leaving the house. I loved that!

JENNIFER O -- Welcome! And see, you're the smart one. How about you get a pair of heels on the condition that hubby gives you a 30 minute foot rub afterwards. That'll make him appreciate your current shoes. =)

KELLY -- It's the elusive combo!!! I'm loving the brands, Sofft and Born, though. Also Naya.

EDEN -- Exactly!! I finally consigned my gorgeous red Two-Lip stilletos because... really... it's hard for them to look with three layers of dust on them. Sad.

Girl Parker

EDEN -- hard for them to look "smokin hot"... that's what I meant to say. Guess I should go eat.


I still sported the hot heels...till I was prego. Since then, I love me comfy shoes. Even now, I'll put a pair of heels on, only to kick them off when I see my black flats sitting next to the door.


Beverly Diehl

Good for you for saying no to the Jimmy Choo's.

Being able to walk, hike, and run beats wearing smokin' hot shoes for 10-20 years and then being virtually disabled for the next 50, in my book. (2 1/2 years after giving up even low heels for flats & orthotics, I still have some foot pain, but at least I have avoided surgery so far, and it's not crippling like it was in the beginning.)

Girl Parker

AMBER -- It's so true. Don't tell JP, but I could probably whittle my shoe wardrobe down to the two pair of walking sandals (Borns) sitting by the door. Shhhhh....

BEVERLY -- OH MAN! I so hope you don't ever need to have surgery. I think my last pair of ridiculous shoes was bought last spring for my best friend's wedding. Even then, I kicked them off at the reception, in favor of cowgirl boots. The pain just isn't worth style points. You are a smart lady!

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