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Kelly Hashway

Very pretty, and the cat is adorable too!


Lovely pictures! ... and hilarious Seattle weather asides. Here's hoping we have another afternoon "miracle" today.

Beverly Diehl

Wow, those are amazing... whatever they are.

Girl Parker

KELLY -- Thanks! BJ Honeycutt Parker sends his regards. *meow*

EDEN -- You know it!! If you get a postcard from the FD, you'll understand why.

BEVERLY -- Aren't they? I can't believe how much they changed in one week. I really have no idea what they are. Anyone? Anyone?


GORGEOUS! Poetry in photos :)

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Love it, Lori. Is this some kind of yucca? The flowers look just like the yucca plants out this way in the desert.

Oh - and really appreciated your Karen Carpenter reference. Was cracking up. Love kitty!


Wow, that plant is gorgeous! (and I love the spider web, beautiful!) Happy to have found you via my friend Melissa Crytzer Fry!


Gorgeous! I want them!

Girl Parker

SAM -- Thank you!! But I really can't take credit. The fact that anything grows and is beautiful or edible blows my mind.

MELISSA -- Yucca? Really? I'm heading over to wikipedia to check it out. As for the Carpenters, it cracks me up. My hubby, JP, loves them and he's 8.5 years younger than me. (Score!) He sings "Rainy Days and Mondays" all the time, changing the lyrics to sunny days when in Phoenix. Glad you enjoyed!

JULIA -- Welcome!! And thank you. Really, truly, the earth is amazing and all I did was stake up the fallen one. And take pictures. =) Thanks for coming by!

AMBER -- I'd send if I could, oh, and if I knew what they were. I really should ask my landlord... there's a thought. =)

Jennifer O. (@litendeavors)

Don't know what they are, but they're certainly gorgeous.

Girl Parker

JENNIFER -- Thank you!! I wish I knew what I was doing, but I sure don't. I'm happy they lived. =)

Nancy McPherson

Do the leaves look and feel like little sword blades? If so, it's some kind of a yucca lily. We had a gigantic one in Puebla, and our neighbors had one in Ashland. They ARE glorious. Thanks for sharing.

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