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Congrats! Can I have a glass of pinot with my cake? It's been a heck of a day.

Tia Bach

Sounds like sweet progress. I'd like cake with a side of cake and maybe a bit of water to wash it down. Thanks for stopping by Depression Cookies.

Angi Hansen

This diet is making everything look SO GOOD! Stefan has lost 8 pounds, me--nada. Not that I'm really trying. Just goes to prove that exercise is essential. ANYWAY. Really impressed by those numbers. You must be having loads of fun. ***waves hands in the air***


We'll take the cake, the pinot and the coffee to wake us back up! Your word counts are making us feel guilty, we may need two glasses of pinot and more cake..

Girl Parker

BRENDA -- Absolutely!!! I'm pouring you a glass right now!

TIA -- hhaa! You think like me. I'm all about the pastry goodness, with a cup of coffee. And my pleasure. I'll be visiting again soon.

ANGI -- Whatever happened to Yee Ole Secret Stash?! And yes, I'm having fun. Thank you for the gentle pushes. =)

BENCHGIRLS -- I like the way you roll! And your blog cracks me up. Double beverages and seconds coming up. Thanks for dropping by.

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