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Back away from the smoker! He needs it for when he is better, has moved here, and makes me some tasty ribs.

(Get better soon, JP. We need you waiting on GP. :) )


HA! Where on earth did you find that illustration!?! giggle fits.

Hope JP's gout eases soon. Remember... the Garth Brooks Juice Diet is the sure fire cure.

Girl Parker

AMBER -- Good thinking! Future assets are safe. BBQ at our place!

EDEN -- Isn't it hysterical? However, I just realized it says "tobacco" my eggs... I read "tobasco" cuz that's what JP likes. ha! God bless google images. Juice diet, YES!

Kelly Hashway

Too funny! Not the part about the gout but the things you can do to him when he can't chase after you.

Carol Apple

I agree with eden. The picture fits the story perfectly. Sounds like you and JP have a lot of fun, even when one of you has a "condition." Hope he is up and around and back in the steel-toed boots soon!

J and S

eh? 'gout?!' Sounds like something out of the 19th-century...
...any better? we hope so...

Girl Parker

KELLY -- It's delightful. And now if he says something too smart-alecky, I can threaten his toe. hee-hee!

CAROL -- We really do and we tease each other mercilessly. That's why I'm enjoying a little edge. He's back at work today, but still has a little limp. Thanks for your well-wishes!

J&S -- He's getting there, but according to the all wise WebMD, he's likely to have another attack in a few months and it will recur every few years. Fun stuff. Better keep his dolly is working order. Ha!


Lori, poor JP! Hope he's better soon! Although, his gout, while it's not funny, made for a hilarious post with you saying, "And he can't catch me!" Isn't it lovely when we can get away with practically anything because our loved one is incapacitated? Yes, I'm a mean girl, I admit it. :) Hey, I like to think of it as the universe's way of letting us feel invincible...even if it's from a distance!

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