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Isn't that the whole concept behind chemotherapy... give your body some poison to fight to keep it distracted? I say Bully! Fry up some chicken, make a pan o biscuits and call it Treatment!

Girl Parker

EDEN -- There are just SO many reasons you're my best friends. Your use of Bully is one, and fried chicken is another. Let's strap on our super suits and sally forth to the nearest diner.

Jenn O @ Lit Endeavors

My bff has Sjogren's and RA,and finds that eating well lowers her inflammation numbers. A few weeks ago, her doctor put her on the Paleo Diet, and her numbers drastically improved within 10 days.

I've been meaning to get myself checked out for lupus (it runs in my family), but I've been too scared to see the doc. Chickenshit, am I.

Girl Parker

JENN O -- I'm super sorry to hear about your BFF! I really was just kidding in this post, since I know full well nutrition is the ultimate tool in keeping anyone with an autoimmune disease on their feet, but I love the idea of distracting my wacked out little immune fighters with potato chips. Kill the chips, not me!

Don't be scared about going to the doctor. Knowledge is power!! Plus, you're not alone. You have family AND friends, like me. =)


Your logic seems irrefutable.

Laura makes one seriously incredible carrot cake - when you visit I'll be sure to do my part by asking her to make some.

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