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Angi Hansen

Do I ever! But I don't have to tell you about those. . .


My grandfather, upon meeting my partner for the first time, asked where she was from, fully expecting her response to be something like "Jackson" or "Columbus" or "Montgomery". In other words, a Southern city he'd have a story about. When she replied, "Upstate NY" there was a long pause until he finally spoke. (Imagine the voice of the cartoon rooster, Foghorn Leghorn)

"Well, would you like to see some Confederate money."

In his mind, the south would indeed rise again.


Love that photo and the stories about Nana.

Catie Rhodes

Love these stories. I've used my grandmother(s) as inspiration. My paternal grandmother is a "tell you off" kinda woman. The "tell you off" little old lady appears often in my stories. My maternal grandmother was wise. Her devotion to family and her religions shows up in my stories. Additionally, my aunts and uncles and their many marriages and soap opera lives show up. Family is a great place to mine characters. :D

Girl Parker

ANGI -- Pretty sure you win THE Award for family material. Oh man. Hope you finish your current WIP draft today!

JRO -- Hhhhahahaaa! Cracking up over the confederate money. That's a jewel of an anecdote. You gotta use it!! Thanks for sharing.

EDEN -- You've met the read McCoy. You know!

CATIE -- Isn't family the best? We probably wouldn't believe it if we hadn't seen it ourselves. I can totally relate to the "tell you off" little lady - Not too different from Nana. Thanks for coming by my blog!

Kelly Hashway

You have to make her a character in one of your stories! She sounds amazing. I like to pull traits from my family members and put them in my stories. I also do this to myself a lot. Those are usually embarrassing/humorous stories. ;)


I adore this. She completely sounds like a character in a story.

I need to take some time to think about my family members...I'm pretty sure they would qualify for stories as well.

The aunt who literally can't stop talking, and is also a colonic hydrotherapist...or the grandfather who advocates pork rinds to help with your diabetes maybe.

Elizabeth Young

My WIP is about my paternal grandmother and I have a lot of the research together to do a book about my maternal grandmother if the first one ever gets finished! They both had difficult and extraordinary lives, and character+!

Jennifer O. (@litendeavors)

I love the Vanna White story.

My grandfather was a character. I've been thinking more and more about writing a series of vignettes on the family lore that surrounds him. Might not get picked up, but I think my kids would love it and it might help me get over his recent passing.

Girl Parker

KELLY -- Thanks! And you make a good point. I find little flashes of myself, almost always making fun of me, in just about everything I write. Is it crazy if I crack myself up? =)

AMBER -- Seriously, time for some family touches in your WIP. Those are too good to pass up! It will be unstoppable!

ELIZABETH -- WOW. You're not just talking side characters, here. That's wonderful! And it's such meaninful research. Good luck with the writing.

JENNIFER O -- I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather! When you're ready, I totally agree that writing about him and others would be an incredible gift to your kids. And who knows, it may go further...

Wendy Smith

Love your posts. Now you get a badge! The Liebster award is yours. Thanks for such dear writings!

Girl Parker

WENDY -- No way! Thank you!!!!!! You are way too kind.

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