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Kelly Hashway

Something similar happened to my mom recently. She used deodorant on her feet and she said it stopped them from itching and hurting.

Elizabeth Young

This piece epitomizes everything I hate about Summer - except for the terrible heat of course, which I find makes it increasingly difficult to breathe each Summer. You nailed it!


I thought the bullets made it unique lol! I enjoyed this.

Jen HaHA

I thought "cooled" is one syllable? Do you say "coo-ooled"? I pronounce "drawer" as two syllables and was told that I sound like I'm from the east coast because it should be one. I'm so confused! (which is three syllables, of course: con-FU-sed :D)

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


Love the photo! Welcome back to the land of the shod. Glad you could turn your week of foot quarantine into hilarious haiku. Bravo!


BTW. "cooled" is only pronounced with two syllables by You Know Who... the one that calls it a "gas estation". Extra syllables are his especiality.

Melissa Crytzer Fry

Ouchie-owie! For whatever reason, mosquitos love my blood. A hundred people can be standing next to me and never be bitten, b/c they are all after me! What's that all about?

Hope your tootsies feel better soon.

Girl Parker

KELLY -- Reeeaaally? Sure wish I'd written this while still suffering. I'm telling you, nothing but artic water could touch them. Thanks for the head's up.

ELIZABETH -- HA! I take it you're a fall or winter girl. I love summer in the NW when the sun can be bothered to shine. But I must say, this wasn't a banner summer for me. Hope we all have a lovely autumn!

VAL -- Thank you!!! And thanks for dropping by. =)

JEN -- I just couldn't decide of some crazy grammar school teacher was gunna slap a ruler at me and tell me the ED stood alone. Silly, and yet I put in a footnote, just in case.

EDEN -- Land of the Shod. Hahhahahaa.... Sounds like George Lucas Meets Zappos. Cue music!

MELISSA -- You too?! I'm so sorry. I don't think there's evidence to back this up, but I suspect it's our pale skin. I swear, my tan friends never get bit. But me? Oh no. Fear the sun AND fear the bugs. How is that fair? We should at least get an extra s'more for that.


Lori, did the mosquitoes feast on your lovely tootsies? That doesn't sound like fun--for you that is! The mosquitoes must've had themselves a ball! I've spent the entire summer in flip flops and thankfully, have not gotten bit. I think the pesky bugs don't like me. Thank goodness for that. But I can imagine how itchy and uncomfortable it must be. Ouch! Here's hoping you're fully recovered!

Melissa Crytzer Fry

I'm all for an extra s'more! But I tan easily... so I don't know. My theory is that it's blood type related! Though I have no idea what my blood type is. I tell everyone I'm just "sweet" and the mosquitoes love me :-0.

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