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Great post. Love the photos.

So True! If I hear the sound of the ice cream truck music I'm instantly transform me into a wide eyed five year old with a Need for a orange creamsicle.


That's about the most adorable ice cream truck I ever saw! Not a fan of the music (sorry) but I love the drumsticks! :D

Kelly Hashway

Ah, the ice cream man. Growing up I lived on a big hill--okay it was a mountain. But the ice cream man knew to come to our house. My dad always bought extra for the freezer.

Amy Lewis

Why do creamsicles taste so much better from the ice cream man? That was the memory that instantly popped into my head while reading your post. Great summertime pictures! Now I have Pop Goes the Weasel stuck in my head...

Angi Hansen

No ice cream trucks in my neighborhood growing up. Maybe that's why I always ate it by the half gallon. . .Great photos!

Helen Smith

Great photos - as always. My summertime treat is swimming in one of the two outdoors pools (lidos) near where I live in London or, better yet, swimming in the sea. But I haven't done either this year.

Girl Parker

EDEN -- I was also thinking of the great ice cream truck revenge. Ha! Another post, another time.

JULIA -- Oh, the music is awful! I truly felt sorry for the dog. But it sure does alert the neighborhood and we come a'runin... Mission accomplished on their side. =)

KELLY -- Your dad is GOLDEN! Good man.

AMY -- They just DO taste better. It's a scientific fact. Maybe it's cuz they're delivered in the sunshine. I dont' know. As for the song, Ha! You're welcome!

ANGI -- What?! That's just wrong - someone missed a golden business opportunity. In my freezer, mint chip owned the summer as the one flavor we all agreed on. Yum!

HELEN -- Holy smokes, swimming in the sea! That beats a fudgesickle, hands down!


Lori, can that ice cream truck be any cuter! This post made me smile as I recalled many days as a child, sitting in the house, milling about, waiting for the ice cream man! The minute my sisters and I heard the little song, out we went! My mother, fast on our heels screaming, "Ice cream costs twice as much on that truck!" Good times, lady. Good times! Thanks for triggering such a great memory!

Girl Parker

BELLA - Oh, I'm glad. I remember that response too! I rarely got to have the high ticket item of the drum stick. Fudgesicles were the top of the budget. But such good times... Simple pleasures.

Carol Apple

Lori - The pictures are just adorable and bring back memories of the Good Humor man whose arrival was quite an event in my childhood, especially during those times when we only had one car and were stranded in the suburbs on hot summer days. I'm amazed at what entertaining posts you come up with from the events in your neighborhood. Maybe I need to get my nose out of the books once in a while and look out the front door and see what's happening our in the cul-de-sac.

Girl Parker

CAROL -- Ahhh! The Good Humor Man! I've heard of him... googling immediately. Thank you for your kind words. That made my day. =)

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