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Jennifer O. (@litendeavors)

I envy you :)

Here in the Gulf Coast it's as flat as a pancake.

I used to live in New Mexico as a child and miss seeing the mountains... All that green, the occasional waterfall. There's really nothing of that geographic loveliness here. I think it's time I pressed the reset button, too.

Kelly Hashway

Looks like you had a great time!

Girl Parker

JENNIFER -- I spent six months living in New Orleans. Definitely flat, you're right, but there's nothing like the sun rising over the gulf. It seemed strange to me not having the sun SET over the water, but I loved how it sometimes looked pink with the sunset reflecting behind. Find that place away and hit press!

KELLY -- We definitely did, minus the mosquitos. Part II later. =) I hope you had a great weekend!


I had a great "reset" weekend last week, with my best friend. I didn't do hardly any writing. I just "hung out." It really is SO important!

Carol Apple

Lori - I cannot agree more with your point about getting away and deploying the reset button. I got to go on a quick weekend trip to mountains this past weekend and it has made all the difference. You realize what a rut your mind has gotten into and there's nothing like a change of scenery and routine to lift you out.


A very well deserved reprieve. Love the shot of the fruity drink in the cup holder. That defines total relaxation.

Girl Parker

KATRINA -- You hit on the key ingredient. Best friend! Amen. I didn't do any writing either. I just let the story percolate while I sat by the fire. Heaven! Thanks for coming by!

CAROL -- I'm so glad you got to get away too!! Don't you just feel your stresses melt away? We really must try to do it more often.

EDEN -- I knew you'd approve!! That afternoon was definitely my favorite part. Next time, you must come!


I like your friends suggestion - the concept of a release button. We all need a reset once and a while, at least to remember to breathe in and out, as well as to remember to catch the sunset. Looks as if you and yours had a much needed timeout.


Lori, I loved looking at the photos of what seems to be a splendid break! I haven't gone fishing in decades and it's something I wish I could do. So relaxing! And Smores? Oh my goodness I wish I had some right about now--with a tall glass of cold milk! Thank you for sharing! :)

Girl Parker

BRENDA -- Absolutely. I think a reset button would come in handy when we start to stress out too. I'm gunna try and remember that and see if it helps. =)

BELLA -- I'm cracking up that I bought two BOXES of graham crackers and 12 chocolate bars for our s'mores.... Ahem, we were only gone two nights and three days. Dinner pants, anyone? What was I thinking?

J and S in Tucson

I should be working on back-to-school stuff right now--tomorrow I'm back with students, alas...but instead, I'm looking at your blog with camping photos, missing friends and wishing summer were longer...Can I press 're-set'? Oh, wait, was I already supposed to have done that? Uh-oh...Ciao amigos!

Girl Parker

J&S -- We Miss You, Too!!! Was that ever a question? If you were here, or we were there, you'd be in the photos too. Sorry about the school years starting, but I happen to think your students are particularly fortunate to be in your classes.


needless to say I am jealous...no lake no ocean view no water anywhere here..well except for the few raindrops that make my car dirty after washing it..

Girl Parker

KP -- Ahh, but I can't find a saguaro anywhere, except for the baby one on my mantle. And you should see my car. ha!

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