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Lori, hand over one of those Sonoran hot dogs, sans jalapenos or else! OMG! I can't remember the last time I ingested nitrates but hey, if you're going to do it, do it well! And look at JP! I think he's even smacking his lips in anticipation! And Eden, striking a pose ten times better than Madona! Oh my goodness, you people are such fun!

J and S in Tucson

ahh, the memories...
Come RELIVE them...create NEW ones!
(did you HAVE to include my giant head shot? i mean come on...)

Melissa Crytzer Fry

OK... So you were two days late getting me this info -- hubby and I were talking about YOU on Friday when we were in Tucson, and I said, "I have a friend who knows of a good place down here for Sonoran hotdogs." So we WILL do it, and I will not disappoint with some photos of my own :-).

Thanks for sharing; sounds de-lish!


YUM. We went there when we visited - I have discussed more than once having a Sonoran Hot Dog Dinner here. :)

Girl Parker

BELLA -- I really do want to cut the junk from my diet, but why must hot dogs and sausage and salami taste so DERN good?!! Sigh. I hope you'll come visit me in the hospital when my liver kicks the bucket.

J & S -- YES, I did. I repeat, it's tradition. I hope from my latest posts you're getting the picture that we love visiting you. Definitely hoping for a repeat soon!

MELISSA -- OH NO!!!! Stink! That's so weird, cuz it was bugging me all week. I really meant to get this written on Monday, not Friday. I hang my head. But when you do go, please take pictures to share. You'll love it!

AMBER -- I've been thinking the same thing! Possibly after I lose about five pounds so I won't feel so guilty. Soooo good!


I am a lover of dogs even if I have to walk five miles or more after eating these ones look worth it. Nothing better than fire roasted Jalapenos - that's my favorite. I am not sure I could stomach this for breakfast, like you I would have whimpered as they drove past Starbucks, but .... yummy post.

Amy Lewis

Putting this on our family field trip list. Thanks, Lori!

Helen Smith

Wow, those look great!


Those were truly the best bacon wrapped hot dogs I've ever had! (okay, the only ones I've ever had, but really! Best Ever).

I agree with Amber. Maybe it's time to attempt this at home.

My only objection... featuring my well fed back side in one of the shots. Glad the caption focused attention on JP's delight.


OMG, they look AMAZING -- and I want one but pretty sure I'll never find one here in Maine (except maybe in my own kitchen)!

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