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Kelly Hashway

Okay, I love the stormy one! Maybe it's the writer in me, but that's just an awesome setting for a story.

Girl Parker

KELLY -- I thought that too!! Very Rebecca-esque.

Angi Hansen

The old dude in the hat is my favorite. Love the texture of the trees in the background.

J and S in Tucson

oh wow--nice photos! I remember that day in Tumacacori! Come on back down anytime...


love them all, can't pick a fave.


my fav is the hands...lovingly making "round" tortilla's..she makes it look far too easy

Beverly Diehl

I actually love your babies. The woman rolling out tortillas - amazing, strong, beautiful, womynpower!

Her ?husband? - love the incongruity of his ancient face, that could be a thousand years old, with his Dodger cap and button-down shirt.

And I love, love the old ?mission? against the stormy sky.

We can't all be Pioneer Woman, but at least YOU have red hair. *sobbing*

Elizabeth Young

I like all the pictures, but the one of the aging arms rolling out tortillas is my favourite. It reminds me of my Grandmother I guess. You're doing an awesome job and don't have to be anybody else but the unique and amazing person you already are!

Girl Parker

ANGI -- I had to go back and NOTICE the trees. You're right! Seems like a good photographer would notice that. hhhahaha

J&S -- We had such a good time with you that day. Classic!! And we want to!! Believe me...

MICHELLE -- Awww, you're too nice.

KP -- Isn't that so true? I'd have lumps and trapezoids. She was so skilled. Thanks for leaving a comment!

BEVERLY -- hahahhaha -- Not from mother nature I don't. Not anymore anyway. I pay Joel the big bucks to keep turning back the clock.

ELIZABETH -- You are so super sweet! Thank you! I loved that grandma too. I had to focus quick as she was rolling, so I wish I had a perfect shot of both hands. Oh well, close enough. =)


Lori, I love your black and whites! The one with the hands making the tortilla has so much feeling to it! It reminds me of times of yesteryear when everything was lovingly made by hand. Lovely! No matter what, you're a winner in my book! :)

Girl Parker

BELLA -- You're a doll. I love that picture too... She made it look so easy, just throwing them together on an outdoor cook station. Definitely a ifetime of skill.


Your photos are winners to me! (My favorite was the woman's hands with the rolling pin.) And yes, Ree sets the bar high for all of us -- but alas, my sister got the red hair...

Girl Parker

KIMBY -- Gracias for your kind words. That one is my favorite too. And I'll bet anything your sister hated her red hair for a good 20 years, like I did, right?

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