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Kelly Hashway

Wow, you did get a lot of story ideas from one photo. I've done this before, too. And now I'm thinking I should check out some more old pictures when I go to my parent's house this weekend.


I've written stories or scenes using a photo as a prompt but I love how you discovered several writing directions from one photo. I'll have to try that myself. Thanks! And that is a super cute picture:)

Beverly Diehl

Adorable little ginger, you were. And yes, cute dress, flattering color, but more interesting, the things we as a society used to do. Now, I think a sewing store would love to have pregnant women there, because that's how/when many women learn to sew, when they are nesting.

Great idea for writing prompts.

Girl Parker

KELLY -- Definitely take advantage of the visit time! I asked my mom to bring a few albums the last time she came, as it dawned on me that I had almost no pictures. You won't regret it.

KIM -- Ha! Thanks! And I'm glad you like the idea. I'm just happy I remember mom telling me she tried to hide it from her boss for as long as possible. Unfortunately, she carried me like a basketball. She didn't have long. Thanks for coming by!

BEVERLY -- You're so right! Isn't that interesting? They'd have kept customers coming back having staff who could speak from experience and enthusiasm. Makes good common sense to me. Small price to pay for a few months of maternity leave off. Craziness.

Nancy McPherson

Lori, I could just scoop you up and give you a kiss on those rosy cheeks. Bet your grandma did that, too. Don't forget us grandmas in your story lines.

Julia Munroe Martin

Very cool stories -- and what an adorable photo of you! I have almost no photos of me as a young child (maybe 5 total) but that's a story in itself. Great post!

Girl Parker

NANCY -- Never fear, grandmas live large in my stories. =)

JULIA -- I was the same way. That's why I asked my mom to bring some. Definitely want to hear your story!


I love love LOVE that photo. The expression on your face is pure glee.

And the story that came from the note on the photo is going to stay with me all day. In fact, I feel the need to sew something.

Melissa Crytzer Fry

OK. Finally a chance to COMMENT on this wonderful post. I loved it, Lori. There was always a sewing machine in my house gorwing up, too (my mom still has one... I mean... MANY). LIke you, I made some things of my own: sweat pants, shirts, dresses, my prom dress, decorations.. but I never quite had the love and passion for it that my mom does still. I just wanted to "get it done."

You're so right that photos can trigger so many great plot points. So can MAPS. That's going to be a future blog post of mine :-).

Girl Parker

EDEN -- I'm ready to keep you sewing company anytime you want! I'll keep the coffee a-comin.

MELISSA -- You made a PROM DRESS? Holy smokes! That's way better than me. Don't you hate that sewing isn't a household staple anymore? I love Project Runway and all, but I miss regular patterns and afternoon trips to the fabric store. Ahh, nostalgia. =) MAPS!! Can't wait to read.


Lori, I took one look at the picture and melted. You are so cute! OMG, look at the hair! Look at those cute tiny shoes! And the dress! I want one just like it! I can do an outfit of the day blog post and call it "vintage"! :) This post is lovely. Almost as lovely as that photo of yours!

Girl Parker

BELLA -- Awww, thanks!! Alas for me, but with a newborn in the house, that was probably one of my last moments in the solo spotlight. I'd kill for shoes like that right now. =)

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