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Lori, what a fantastic post! Your coffee shots look marvelous! And hey, while they may lack in European atmosphere, they make up for with plenty of charm! Look at that foam! Love the photos from Italy! And my goodness, had I known you during this time, I would have made you drink coffee daily just to get a look of the Antonio Banderas lookalike! Thank you so much for being a part of the coffee revolution! I'm looking forward to more of your coffee photos! :)

Kelly Hashway

Okay, the coffee may be in paper cups, but man that's pretty looking coffee! I really want some now.


Yes, yummy looking java, but I like my plain and steamy. Not frills for me. Great idea, ladies.


Do you remember the glass case filled with wee breakfast baguette sandwiches? And the bartender that barked at me when I accidentally spoke to him in Spanish? How we softened the insult by having him give us a quick lesson on ordering iced coffee in Italian?

Can we go back? And can I have those slim brown arms again?

Elizabeth Young

Beautiful photographs. Wish we could all 'do' coffee together this weekend! Oh well, we're doing the next best thing right? I actually have my coffee in beautiful china mugs but loved the sentiments of the picture I posted so much that it just had to be the one. I will probably keep it up awhile because java's just part of the writer experience for many of us. Have a great one!


Can we have a long distance cup? Sigh.

Coffee makes me miss you more.


Also, I was searching for the photo I have like your second one before I saw your post and couldn't find it! So sad.

Corinne Rodrigues

Lori - This is a fab post...love the differences in culture that are emerging with our coffee!

Here's mine: http://www.everydaygyaan.com/2011/09/coffee-photo-revolution-part-1.html


Hi! I'm visiting from the Coffee Photo Revolution. Your post was a wonderful reminder to slow down and smell the coffee. Enjoyed your trip photos!


Paper cups or not, that coffee looks great! :)

J and S in Tucson

ahh...coffee IS better in Italy, eh? and hey--is that 'diabolical' café still around up on the top of Capitol Hill? just wondering...figured you might be able to tell us, hehe...

Girl Parker

BELLA -- I put in the Antonio picture just for you! He's not Javier, I know, but at the time, the loveliness that is Mr. Bardem was unknown to us. And thank you SO much for starting the coffee revolution. So much fun to work with you!!

KELLY -- You know, I think coffee is always a good choice! Wish we could share some coffee time.

BRENDA -- Classic choice! And thank you!

ELIZABETH -- So true. I have favorite mugs that I always reach for. And without coffee, the writing dream would disappear. Might as well be a plumber.

Girl Parker

AMBER -- I will send you those photos immediately. I MISS YOU. With or without cinnamon sprinkles and chocolate swirles.

EDEN -- How could i forget? Apparently, Spanish ice is NOT the same as Italian ice. =) As for the slimness... *emotional collapse*

Girl Parker

CORINNE -- I love that your post comes with an instructional video! And I totally agree - quality is definitely worth the wait. Thanks!

KIMBY -- Thank you very much. I had planned to run all over town, snapping pictures of good coffee - not a small goal in Seattle - I forgot we were having company this weekend. Change O Plan!

IVANA -- Thank you! We can't escape our culture. Even when I try, I end up getting the coffee to go.

J&S -- El Diablo Cafe!!!!!! Why didn't I think of that? That would have been a classic post. I may still have to do that. hhaaa!

Annalise Green

Haha, I remember traveling to Italy and having to pay to sit! And it really is true that they don't rush as much as we Americans do. In fact, it was very confusing at first, because the tradition in America is for the wait staff to ask if we want our check, but in Italy that's considered rude because you're seen as shooing the customer out the door. So my family spent an hour wondering why we weren't asked about our check!

But those coffee shots are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. My mugs are sometimes pretty, but never my coffee. Because I make it myself and I haven't yet learned the fine art of pretty coffee.

Jen HaHA

Do I spy a Zoka cuppa Joe? I agree with all, beautiful pics! I enjoy warming my hands while cupping a mug of coffee. I like the big soup mug ones. Yum!

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

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