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Lori, you sure know how to refill a sister's cup! Fantastic! I have yet to try Bay Blend but since you've painted such a "smouldering" picture, now I have to try it! And if I can get that kind of experience from Trader Joe's Bay Blend for 13 bucks, I'm in! I shall have to mention it to my sisters, the only women more obsessed with coffee than me! Thank you for Part 2! What a treat!

nan @ LBDDiaries

Love the feather - but really love your initial mugs - now I have to go find them! We don't have a Trader Joes around here and I just have to try smouldering coffee (smile) - hopefully I can find it for sale online! visiting via Bella's challenge!


That "smoldering" coffee looks more like hot chocolate to me - and it looks fantastic!

Angelina C. Hansen

Awwww, what cuteness!

Helen Smith

Oh, look at those cups! So cute! You're making me want to have a coffee but it's evening here so I can't, or I'll never sleep. I'll have to do and do some writing or something, and that would never do.

Wendy Smith

Love this post. Back when I was able to drink coffee all day, I tried to stick with the cheap stuff. So it is oh so nice to splurge on the really, really good coffee and savor it every now and then. Only boo, all decaf now.

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