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Kelly Hashway

I'm trying to reach into the computer right now because I want that cake!


When you come see me, we will do this. I will take photos.

Also, I was already in love with Jason, now, even more so. Hugs to him.

Angi Hansen

I just have one word: DANGEROUS

Girl Parker

KELLY -- I'll tell JP. That will make him smile. Thanks!

AMBER -- DEAL!!! And he loves you right back.

ANGI -- Tell me about it! We really did give away most of it, cuz there were two.... lord have mercy. In the end, I had two modest pieces. Miracle!

Elizabeth Young

Well done! I find so many people purchase everything ready made and there is absolutely no comparison between something you make yourself with all the ingredients from scratch and something purchased. One of my main beefs with American recipes is they usually go: one box of this, one can of that, one pouch of the other, another can of ready make topping etc. That is not real baking and you can taste the difference! Rant over...

Nancy McPherson

Chocolate bonding...what a treat! Thanks so much for inviting us along. But hey:

Can you substitute C&H for muscavado? I'm thinking of the final scene in Mostly Martha: "Can you really tell what kind of sugar I used?" "No, but I can tell what kind you didn't use..."


OMG... I am salivating like crazy right now... Just may have to make a quick run to the supermarket... (Who am I kidding? I will go to the supermarket and BUY a German Chocolate Cake, because I am an absolute disaster in the kitchen, and my cake would DEFINITELY not look like yours.) Well done!!


kitchen bonding..my favorite,and you know I can not cook.
These will be fun memories in the future with pics as proof..good going & great eating.


Lady, you, your point and shoot, JP, and your cat, have all manage to blow me away with this cake! What wonderful people you are to take on this project! I'm humbled. And here I thought my kitchen endeavors were worthy. This post further reiterates that JP is a keeper, Emeril look and all! hee hee! Lori, I loved, loved this post! What fun! I want an encore! And no, the Significant Other and I will not be following in your footsteps. Sadly, we don't have what it takes--energy, curiosity, and the desire to please. :)

Beverly Diehl

It's better because of all the love folded in, right?

I admire your & JP's audacity in making such a cake, but it looks like much fun was had by all. Congrats!

Girl Parker

ELIZABETH -- Isn't that so true?! What gives me the willies is the list of chemicals contained in the ingredients of those ready-made boxes. Scary what we do to our bodies!! I love the local bakeries who bake bread. They list their ingredients as flour, yeast, salt, water. Perfect!

NANCY -- hahaha!!! I'd totally forgotten that line. What a great movie.

LISAANN -- I don't blame you. Don't forget, I was merely jonsing to be taken OUT for dessert. We had a blast, but the five-hour baking session was JP's brainchild. I was all for a cute cafe. =)

KP -- You'd be proud of JP. He sure got Matt's genes for cooking. He loves it and takes over my recipes often. Sound like anyone you know? =)

BELLA -- I'm VERY sure your kitchen endeavors are worthy! Don't forget, I was hinting for a date out, so I'm nothing special. Neither JP nor I are cooks. We just followed instructions and wished for a professional cleaning crew afterwards. Thanks for your kind words - and don't sell yourself short. I happen to know you are one talented lady.

BEVERLY -- You're right! It was fun cuz we were making a mess and trying it together. Nice to break our routine of just going out. And it was great fun to share with all of you. Thanks!

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