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Ha! That song is going to be stuck in my head all day... as will the images of rain soaked heroes.


Kelly Hashway

Okay I know this post is about the men but did anyone else notice that the women fall down a lot. I found that funny. Also, Alan Rickman will always be Snape in my mind. It's so weird to see him as anyone else now.


"I fear we may be about to get a little damp..." Hahahahaha, love it!! :)

Suzie Ivy

The video was delightful! I too have the song stuck in my head along with the yummy men.


Girl, if it were raining men like the ones featured in this too cool video, I'd be out there, WITHOUT an umbrella! OMG, that Mr. Darcy makes me swoon. I kid you not, literally swoon. Lori, I loved the poem. "In you, I am home." That line is brilliant! :)

Girl Parker

EDEN -- Shoot, that's on my exercise playlist for the gym. Keeps the heart rate up. =)

KELLY -- Hey, damsel in distress is a classic! When in doubt, turn an ankle and see how the man in question responds. I love Alan Rickman. He also made a fabulous Sheriff of Nottingham once.

LISA-ANN -- Major props to the video editor for that piece. I'd send fan mail if I knew where to address it. So well done!

SUZIE -- YAY! Then mission accomplished. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

BELLA -- I'm with you. If that blondie Capt Wentworth was falling my way, I'd burn my umbrella. hee-hee!! And thanks, darlin.

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