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Kelly Hashway

LOL. Those are too funny!


Ha! Truly *creative* writing.

Beverly Diehl

Absolutely awesome. Alas, I'm a total hot sauce wimp - those make my eyes water from here (or maybe that was the laughing.)

Micro beer bottles often have some excellent label content. I think I gave my ex one that said Stubborn Bastard or something along those lines, not long before I left.

Angi Hansen

You had me worried for a minute. LOL. Advance warning. I'm sending you another blog award on Friday. It's a fun one.


nice collection...brings back fond memories, and many laughs spent acquiring such a "collection" :)


Those are hilarious! The last one definitely takes the cake... Fantastic!

Girl Parker

KELLY & EDEN -- Aren't they hilarious? I see them every day and it still cracks me up.

BEVERLY -- HHHAHAHAA!! The perfect going away present. That's awesome.

ANGI -- Hey, thanks!! I'm duly warned and I thank you. =)

KP -- I thought you'd get a kick out of that. I love that every time we move, one whole box has "Hot Sauces" written on the top.

LisaAnn -- Right to the point, huh? Sooo funny. I definitely don't think those copywriters get enough credit.


Lori, I got nothing but I had to pipe in and say, I hope JP doesn't suffer from irritable bowel syndrome! Ouch! Oh my goodness, how much hot sauce can your man stand? I sent the Significant Other a salami sandwich for lunch today and tonight he said to me, "Don't make anymore hot salami sandwiches. They irritate my colon." Salami irritates his colon? Are you kidding me? I think I'll buy a bottle of "Burn Jane Burn" and spike all his sandwiches for a week. That'll show him! :)

J and S

Ahh, the hot sauce collection--I see it survived your move from Phoenix back up to Seattle! For more fun--unintentionally funny writing, check out engrish.com. You know how S and I love fractured Asian English!

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