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Very fun!


You are an awesome babysitter to be sure!!


Lori, that is a beautiful shot, lady! And really, where were babysitters like you when I was a child? :)


Yes, completely agree, this sounds like the perfect day. And seriously, how stylish is that hat? So glad you linked up Lori!

Girl Parker

MELISSA -- It really was. Thanks for stopping by!

NESSA -- I tell ya, it's a lot more fun as an adult and with the ability/responsibility to take the kids somewhere.

BELLA -- Right? My babysitters were super boring. One even took the poster out of my kids magazine (Natl Geo for kids? Don't remember). But how rude!

HEIDI -- Ohmygoodness, Anja is one stylin girlie. We had loads of fun, even though it was over 100 degrees (Arizona). Thanks again, Heidi, for hosting!


Looks like fun times :-)

Nancy McPherson

Love that she's riding a pig...great photo!

Girl Parker

SHEILA -- It was... definitely the kind of day where you fall dead asleep afterwards. Happy exhaustion.

NANCY -- Oh me too. Hilarious!

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