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Such different feelings in each photo - great idea to post them together!


I love these Lori! The cacti (that's correct, yeah?) look awesome in black and white. Each one really evokes the mood of the state. I am the same way with my two homes: Washington and Texas. So I get it. And maybe JP and Jay can combine their cause collections and ride off into the sunset together. :) Thanks for linking up and spreading the love, Girl!

Nicole Wian

I can see how you would miss each in turn. I, too, have lived both places, unfortunately not at the same time. Lucky.

Nancy McPherson

You capture light moods so well. But I know you only long for AZ in the winter....


Lori, what lovely shots! I love the stream of light filtering through the cacti. I'm so happy you've joined Heid's Black and White Wednesday! :) I look forward to your submissions from here on in, lady!

Girl Parker

ADRIENNE -- Thank you!

HEIDI -- Ha! I can totally see the boys roaring down the street. It stinks to long for two different places, but great to have experienced both. And thank you for hosting B&W Wednesdays!

NICOLE -- Yep, totally unique places. If only we had Star Trek technology to just beam back and forth!!

NANCY -- Well, I miss the heat down there just because you never question what to wear. Cotton! And as light as possible, with cute sandals. That part was fun.

BELLA -- Hey, thanks for linking up with her in the first place. I love her blog, but didn't know about it till you posted your lovely Roxy photos.

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