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Kelly Hashway

I have never been able to cast my characters as actors. My characters become real to me the second I meet them and they are in my head as their own images. No Hollywood actor would seem right in their place.

I love that your pjs inspired you. I need to get more interesting pjs apparently. :)


I love your jammies! I've tried lots of methods to flesh out characters. My favorite is probably filling out a questionnaire with the basics(so I don't forget the details) and then doing freewrites about each one's backstory.

Jean Henry Mead

I like your p.j. analogy, GP. Characters are the most important feature of any novel. I've been writing about different aspects of characterization for the past week, currently the dangers of describing someone too closely and using the wrong names: http://theviewfrommymountaintop.blogspot.com/

Angi Hansen

Not from my pajamas!!!Too funny. . .

Julia Munroe Martin

Clearly and firstly, I am incredibly envious of those PJs. Wow! As for me, I almost always start with a hazy vision in my mind (not sure where that comes from!) & then I'll be somewhere, see a random face or personality trait and something clicks....then that person or pieces of that person get added to the mosaic of the character. But sadly, never from my PJs :(

Girl Parker

KELLY -- That's exactly how I am with character names. If someone tries to suggest a name, it never fits. It has to come from me. Aren't those PJ's hilarious? Definitely my only interesting ones.

SHARY -- I think your method is, hands down, the most tried and true. One of my side characters just become so interesting, he's taking over!

JEAN -- Wow! We're on the same wavelength. I can't wait to check out your series. Thanks for stopping by!

ANGI -- Hey, you have actual Feetsie PJs. You know how badly I want a pair like that?

JULIE -- Aren't they hilarious? By BFF and I used to make baby blankets and sell them at a farmer's market. She made these from some of the leftover flannel. I love picking up traits from others. It's a time-honored theft for writers.

Claudine Gueh

I wish my PJs inspire me as much as yours do! My characters come to me slooowly. Shy like me. =)

Girl Parker

CLAUDINE -- Awww... that's a really sweet way to describe it. My hubs is super shy and the best person in the world, so I'm partial. =)


I need some character driving PJs! :)

Nancy McPherson

I know that flannel! How sweet that there was enough for you to be cuddly in. Even daydream in...

Lora Rivera (@lroseriver)

Hilarious jammies! I can't believe you're able to come up with all those stories for each one. Love the fire girl.

I'm so boring. I can't look at something external an come up with a story. Stories tend to crop up after a series of Random Unlinked Occurrences.

Girl Parker

AMBER -- You are blessed. Find the fabric and Miss Eden can make you a pair. I'll be needing a backup pair, cuz I plan to wear these out!

NANCY -- This was my favorite print left over from the blanket project, so I'm loving them. =)

LORA -- There's nothing wrong with Random Unlinked Occurrences. Those things tend to my imagination run pell-mell down the slippery slope of preoccupied storytellers. But thanks for loving my jammies. They make me laugh!

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