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Love the photo! It looks like heaven to me. I had the album soundtrack from the Broadway musical version (starring Mary Martin)when I was a kid. We had to do a lipsynch presentation in my middle school theatre class and the other kids were amazed that I knew all the words. I need to go find that album and play it!


Great photo! A library is my idea of heaven, too. Nothing like books and kitties to unwind.

Kelly Hashway

I could be at home in that library.

Beverly Diehl

Divided thoughts on that library. On the one hand, it looks like heaven. Especially if there's a warm, cozy chair, and some kitties. On the other - I live in California, and if all those books aren't secured with elastic straps, which it doesn't look like they are... an earthquake could be very bad news.

Also, I know somebody who's stuck with cleaning out such a place: http://writinginflow.blogspot.com/2011/07/too-many-books-oh-yes-its-possible.html. I have to wonder what the other parts of the room that they didn't photograph might look like.

Elizabeth Young

Wonderful, priceless picture. I'm coming down with a head cold/flu and feeling pretty gross, so I'm going to have lots of hot drinks in my P.J.'s, stay warm with my kitty and start reading a new book!

Julia Munroe Martin

That is one amazing photo!! Love it! And I love the sound of music. Still (and you can see where my mind is today, having to houseclean for arriving company) I do think of the dusting of the books and shelves when I look at that photo... although I'm thinking Nigella doesn't do that herself! :)

Erika Robuck

I love that library! It looks like heaven. I can almost smell those books.

Girl Parker

SHARY -- We're soul sisters!! I could sing every word of that soundtrack by about age six, with gusto. =)

SLEEPYANGELCAT -- Couldn't agree with you more! Pass the tea, please.


BEVERLY -- I definitely hope that library comes with some hired help, and earthquake insurance. Spoken like a true Californian.

ELIZABETH -- GET WELL!!!! I'm so sorry. Isn't it sad that sometimes we have to get sick to justify slowing down and enjoying those simple pleasures? I hope you feel better soon.

JULIE -- I'm with you. I hate dusting. If Nigella does her own cleaning, I'll eat my hat. But isn't it lovely? Sigh....

ERIKA -- EXACTLY! I'm tellin ya, you'd never see me again. Thanks for dropping by!

Claudine Gueh

Gosh, what an amazing picture. I'm so envious of Nigella!


I want.

Girl Parker

CLAUDINE -- Doesn't it just make you whimper? I tell ya... Thanks for visiting!

AMBER -- I'd even be willing to share!

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