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Kelly Hashway

I love Mondays, mostly because I work from home. :) Today I am editing for a client. I got a lot done so far, so I'm happy.

Angi Hansen

Love that photo! And I'm with you 100%. I'll add breakfast and tea in bed and lunch and wonderful book being delivered shortly. Husband working at home helps! Question: do either of your cats chew on their toenails and snore? Wanna trade?


Lori, I nearly fell out of my chair giggling with this photo! I love it! But I also love your ideas for spending Mondays. Sign me up for the coffee, wearing flannel pajamas with cowgirls, and the read a good book sessions! I'm in! :)

J and S in Tucson

Enjoy your new routine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --thinking of you down in Tucson...

Girl Parker

KELLY -- I'm so glad you are concentrating on your writing and haven't gone back to teaching. Enjoy!!!

ANGI -- Shoot, I totally should have added a good breakfast made by someone else! As for the kitties, ummm, yes, they chew their toenails. Disgusting... no snoring though.

BELLA -- Isn't she wonderful!! I love that photo. Love, love, love! I wanna hug her, whoever she is.

J&S -- Gracias! Missing you up in Seattle, longing for sun and El Charro and many laughs. Sigh...

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