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Kelly Hashway

Yes, good news is always a good thing and I love reading about it. I got good news today in the form of a 5-star review for my new picture book, The Purrfect Puppy! Ya!


This has been such a banner week for you! Congratulations. It's Much deserved.

Twinges of jealousy over that camera....


Glad the month has started out with you drenched! Thanks for the smile.

Angi Hansen

Love good news! Will be doing jig with your very soon! Make sure the camera's still around when the Prius pulls away from the curb.


Lori, my goodness, lady, that's a bag full of good news! The anniversary present is a DSLR camera? Oh you lucky girl, you! Congratulations! Think of the beautiful shots you'll capture with that bad boy! I smiled at your first good news. Corresponding with your nephew is the most supportive thing you can do. Good for you!

Girl Parker

LOREN -- Aww, thank you! I appreciate it. I hope you and Brooke are doing well.

ANGI -- HAHA!! I'll have a camera-sniffing dog circling your ride. Can't wait to see you.

BELLA -- I almost didn't know what to do with myself, getting the letter and the camera in the same day. My cup overflows! Thanks for understanding! Those letters take a lot of time and energy, but oh so worth it.

J and S in Tucson

GOOD NEWS...good to hear...and boy are you gonna love that camera, eh?

Claudine Gueh

That camera looks great (and hearing from your nephew must have been amazing, too)! Glad you've had a good week, Lori! (My good news is I've completed the book trailer and webpage for our upcoming picture e-book. Now we're only waiting for the book itself to be uploaded onto the e-readers.)

Nancy McPherson

So glad you had such a great day! Such good news about getting in touch, and an early anniversary surprise. The guy is gooooood. Love the photo.


Woohooo!! An excellent week, all around! (I have an identical camera, and it's literally changed my photographic experience! Did you get big lenses to get crazy??) Also, congrats on your altered work week! You must keep us posted!

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